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Person who is happy after having dental veneers treatment at Karma Dental Care London
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The Benefits & Who this Treatment is Suited to.

Veneers are a quick solution for full smile transformation within a short time-frame. If you have an important milestone or event, or have dreamed of a new smile and are keen to see results quickly, then veneers are perfect for you. Unlike dental bonding, veneers are long lasting, require no maintenance outside of good oral hygiene, and you can tailor the colour, shape, length and translucency of the veneer to achieve the result you want.

Whether it's to straighten up your smile, improve the shape and colour of your teeth, or create a brand new look entirely, veneers are the simple, most effective way to achieve these goals in a short space of time.

What you should expect:

During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine the viability of your teeth for veneers. In simple terms, if your general oral health is good, then veneers will work for you.


Following this visit you will be given a treatment plan based on the desirableness you have for your result.  This will include a breakdown of proposed treatment, and costs (see below for full prices for this treatment). The dentist will likely wish to determine the following during this conversation:

- Which teeth are most concerning to you that you would like to change

- Are you happy with how the full arch (top or bottom row of teeth) sit within your smile?

- Is there black space that you wish to cover at the corner of your mouth (the 'buccal corridor')

- Would you be prefer a lighter shade (teeth whitening would be required in this case to ensure the veneers blend well).

Following this, the dentist can take a mould of your teeth which can be sent to our lab for fabrication. (This is only done if you confirm you wish to proceed). You will be asked to visit our lab in Hammersmith to confirm the final result you wish to achieve.

On your first appointment, the dentist will fit temporary veneers so that you can see if there are any adjustments to the shade, shape and length. Upon confirmation the dentist will feed back to the lab to make the adjustments. When you are happy with the way your veneers look, the finished veneers are created and will be fit on your next appoinyment.

The veneers are attached with a special cement which is light cured. They are permanently fixed in place. 

How much does this treatment cost?

All Ceramic - £895

Re-Cement - £100

Payment Options

We offer 11 months interest-free, or over longer terms incurring interest. Members of our Patient Plan receive 10% off all treatments at Karma Dental. 


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