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Clear Aligners

Person who is happy following clear aligner treatment at Karma Dental Care London

The Benefits

Clear aligners are a quick, and reliable way to achieve an aligned smile/teeth. As they can be removed while eating or brushing, they can easily fit into your lifestyle. When worn they are completely undetectable to others, apart from a slight change in speech. 

What you should expect:

Following a free consultation, your dentist will consult with the Smilelign team, who will review scans taken of your teeth. They will compile a treatment plan. including digitised images of how your teeth will move during your treatment.  You will also get to 'road test' your aligners with some Pre Aligners.


If you wish to continue, a deposit, part, or full paymnet is taken, and the lab will be instructed to fabricate your first phase of aligners. You may require 'stripping' to be carried out. This procedure is pain free, if a little annoying. The dentist will gently file a tiny fraction of the tooth surface, to allow extra wiggle room for the alignment process. Your visits will happen fortnightlyy to assess how things are progressing and all going well, you will move along to the next set of aligners. 

How much does this treatment cost?

We have several options available which fall within the price bands below. This is to ensure that we can offer a confirmed price, with no surprises later on, and so if less aligners are required, the charge wiill reflect this.

Consultation - Free

Treatment (8-12+ aligners) £2,500-£4,250

Smeiline Edge Bonding offer - £1,000 capped

Duratain Retainers (each) - £200

Fixed Retainer (per arch) - £200

Payment Options

We offer 11 months interest-free, or over longer terms incurring interest. Members of our Patient Plan receive 10% off all treatments at Karma Dental. To apply, click here.

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