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Clear Braces Consultation. Person who is happy following  treatment at Karma Dental Care London

Karma Dental Patient Plan

Our patient plan is designed to save you money on general and cosmetic dentistry. Including 2 hygiene and checkups per annum, 10% discount on the rest...and there is more...

The Incredible Benefits of Joining our Plan

Our Plans save you money on routine dental treatment, and cost £19 or £29 per month. They each include:

10% discount on treatment at Karma Dental

2 hygiene services

2 check-ups

Worldwide emergency supplementary dental cover

10-20% discount with a range of local and online retailers.


Ask at reception on your next visit or contact us to find out more. It costs just £19 per month with all of the above included! 

You can join online any time by following this link, or in person at reception. Simply select the option that works better for you and start using your benefits immediately. 

Please note, you are not permitted to cancel the plan until the end of your 12-month contract. This is to ensure that the cost of your treatment is covered.


Our Dental Patient Plan Costs

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