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Karma Dental Patient Plan

Our patient plan is designed to save you money on general and cosmetic dentistry. Including 2 hygiene and checkups per annum, 10% discount on the rest...and there is more...

The Benefits of Joining our Plan

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Both plans include 10% off treatment, 2 Hygiene sessions (4 if you joing our 'Plus' plan),  2 check ups, X Rays and supplementary global emergency cover. 


Members save each time they visit us. Whether you join the plan to cover routine dental and oral hygiene treatment, or if you decide to take up further treatment. 

Our routine hygiene and check up appointments are £85 each for non members. So over the 12 months of your plan, you will save £16 on our Plan, or £18 on the Plus Plan. 


Our membership is on a 12 month-basis and you begin saving immediately. Simply click on the 'Join Here' button above or request a paper form from our reception team on your next visit. Upon joining, your status will be updated with us and discounts will be automatically be applied to your next treatment fees.


The membership plans are designed to cover your routine dental treatment, and save you money. Any cancellations mid-term will require payment in full of any treatment carried out and not covered by monthly direct debit to date. 

10% discount is only valid during current membership. Should you cancel mid-treatment, the 10% discount will not remain instated. 

10% discount cannot be redeemed alongside any other offers or discounts on treatment. 

Your plan benefits, or treatment cover yourself/the applicant only and are not valid for redemption by non-members.

You will be notified if your monthly direct debit is missed

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