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Composite Bonding

Person who is happy following Dental Bonding treatment at Karma Dental Care London

Composite Bonding

The Benefits

Composite bonding can create a big impact, quickly. In just 1-2 visits (depending on your requirements). This treatment is completely bespoke and our dentists are highly skilled in achieving seamless, natural results that blend perfectly alongside your teeth. 

What you should expect:

The treatment is robust, however, if you grind your teeth, you may wish to consider one of our teeth grinding devices. Excessive clenching, or grinding is the most common cause of teeth wear and chips. Otherwise, you can top up or polish your bonded teeth as you need. We recommend that you polish annually, we offer a set rate for this, which is set out below. Another consideration that you should bear in mind, is that whitening should be completed prior to thios treatment as the bonding will be shade matched to your existing teeth.

How much does this treatment cost?


We offer 0% finance up to 11 months and offer 105 discoutn acroos our range of services if you are a member of our patient plan (click here to lean

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We offer a discount on bonding for our clear aligner patients. A full breakdown of our fees across our treatment is available here.

Payment Options

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