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Teeth Grinding Treatment

Man visiting dentist for teeth grinding treatment. Karma Dental London

Grinding Splints 

Why this Treatment May be For You.

Night Guards or 'Splints' prevent your teeth from making contact, thus alleviating the associated symptoms, including jaw pain, headaches and wear and tear to the teeth in question. Teeth grinding affects everyone to differing degrees. Some people do not feel that it affects them day to day, whereas others find that their symptoms are severe.

Many people may not even realise the root cause of their headaches, jaw pain and tooth chipping could be grinding and clenching of their teeth. This is because it can happen mostly when they sleep, and/or, while they are hyper focused, under stress etc. This means they are not aware at all, in many cases of their teeth grinding or clenching.

What you should expect:

On your initial consultation, your dentist can check for symptoms of teeth grinding, and many of these can be done at home prior to your visit. Things to look out for are:

- Mild to acute tenderness in one or both sides of your jaw, under your ear

- Chipped, damaged or flat areas at the tip of your teeth

- Your partner may also detect that you grind if they pick up on it while you sleep

Upon visiting the dentist they can do an in-depth check on the above areas. If they feel that you are suffering from this issue, then they may suggest that you invest in a grinding splint or guard to stop the issue from continuing or causing unnecessary damage to affected teeth. 

The process is very simple, requiring a quick digital mouth scan, which is sent to our lab in minutes. Your splint will arrive within 2 weeks and can be worn immediately, or at night.

Hard, Full Arch Splint - £350

SCi - £550

B Splint - £550

We offer 0% finance up to 11 months and offer 105 discount across our range of services if you are a member of our patient plan (click here to learn more).

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