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5 Professional Tips to Avoid Dental Emergencies this Christmas!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Family enjoying christmas

During the festive break, your dental team will not be available if there is an emergency. With this in mind, we have prepared a list of common problems that may occur and what the best action to take will be!



Christmas Dental Emergency 1 - Cracked/Chipped teeth, headache, jaw pain, sensitivity.

Avoid this Christmas dental emergency:

If you have a night guard, please remember to wear it. Christmas can be a busy time, and grinders will undoubtedly see an increase. Don't let jaw pain, headaches or tooth chips ruin the most magical season! If you don't have a night-guard, we recommend you pick up a temporary 'boil and bite' version from your pharmacy until you can visit us to have a robust, long-term solution in place.

Be mindful when snacking, particularly with crunchy foods such as nuts, boiled sweets, ice cubes, etc. They can cause all sorts of damage to teeth that may already have small cracks or fissures. In some cases this can lead to acute pain and may require some restorative treatment to repair the tooth.

Christmas Emergency 2- Bleeding & inflamed gums, bad breath, stains, ulcers.

Avoid this Christmas dental emergency:

It is straightforward to allow your good oral hygiene habits to slip. Try to maintain your routine so that you can avoid any issues that may arise from this!

Christmas Dental Emergency 3- Loose fillings, tooth mobility

Avoid this Christmas dental emergency:

You can still enjoy your festive favourites, but toffees are often responsible for dislodging dental fillings. Opt for a less sticky alternative.

Christmas Dental Emergency 4 - Damaged enamel, stains, sensitivity

Avoid this Christmas dental emergency:

To avoid long-term damage to your enamel, always wait at least 1 hour following any sugar or acidic food. The tooth will become porous following these food items and will need time to calm before brushing. Brushing too soon can cause minor abrasions to the tooth surface, which, over time, can build up. Avoiding sugar and acidic foods generally is good advice. These foods can be enjoyed in moderation, however.

Christmas Dental Emergency 5 - Tooth damage, tooth loss, chipped teeth, bruised gums/lips

Avoid this Christmas dental emergency:

Are you known as the 'life and soul' of the party? We've heard some corkers, but be mindful of your mouth. Be careful what you chew, swerve Grandpa's dance moves, and if you can't find a bottle opener, your gnashers are NOT a replacement!


The Karma Team are most definitely ready for the festivities to begin. We wish our patients and your families the best this season and beyond. And we look forward to seeing you soon.

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