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‘A Coffee & A Catch Up With…’

It’s time for another Cuppa & a Catch Up! Each week, we’ve been catching up with key members of our community to share knowledge, tips and news to benefit our residents, local businesses and…just to have some fun! This week we met up (virtually) with Luke Easton from Benchstone Health & Fitness. We spoke about physical and mental health during lockdown and how to motivate yourself to be more active during and after lockdown for overall health & wellbeing. Grab a cuppa, nestle down & join us for a catch up! Special mentions in this series were Kejo Fitness & Natalie (Fulham Residents Club).
You can view our previous videos via the ‘Karma Kommunity’ tab further down this page!
Benchstone Health & Fitness:
Featured in this video:
Natalie, Fulham Residents Club
Kejo Fitness
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About this Page

Due to government legislation, UK dental practices are closed and only offering a telephone service. We have put together this page for you which cover the most common causes of dental pain and how they can be managed at home.

⁣We have created this space as a source of information and INSPIRATION. A place for us to share and update advice, news and, we hope, some light relief during this time. 

If there’s anything else we can advise on, please call or email us and we will discuss your symptoms and next steps with you: /07801593054

Select one of the tabs below for dental advice, community updates, news and videos too! (Keep scrolling if you‘re viewing on your mobile phone, they’re underneath our dental advice below!)

Covid-19 - Dental Advice

NHS England and the Department of Health have recently instructed all dental practices to establish a remote urgent care service during the coronavirus outbreak. We are able to provide telephone triage/assistance for  patients with urgent needs. Please read the information below, and if you are still concerned or advice is to contact us, please do so by phone: 07801 593 054. For non-urgent enquires, please email us at

Non-Urgent Dental Concerns

  • Bleeding gums
  • Broken/rubbing/loose dentures
  • Loose/lost fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers
  • Chipped teeth with no pain
  • Loose orthodontic wires.

While these may not be considered urgent, you may still feel concerned, please do not worry as there are ways of helping to treat or receive many of your dental issues at home.

Urgent Dental Concerns

Please contact us if you are experiencing any of the following



  • Regular painkillers if required
  • Hot salty water mouthwash if its draining
  • Obvious facial swelling – antibiotics may be prescribed by the dentist for severe infection and swelling
  • If you have continuing or recurrent symptoms refer to urgent dental care centre for extraction or drainage.



  1. Any loss of consciousness/vomiting/double vision? Head to A&E if trauma causing loss of consciousness/double vision or vomiting
  • Contact your dentist for advice if you have experienced a broken tooth, moved tooth, lost or broken filling, tooth has fallen out or is severely damaged.



  • Regular painkillers if required
  • Rinse with cold water, this can alleviate the pain
  • Good oral hygiene with a fluoride toothpaste and reduce intake of sugary food to ensure decay does not worsen
  • If pain is severe and uncontrollable, preventing sleeping or eating contact us immediately.

Tooth sensitivity


  • Rub sensitive toothpaste directly on affected area and don’t rinse afterwards, leave on overnight
  • Orajel may help ease the pain
  • Avoid stimuli (cold/acidic foods or drink).

Wisdom tooth pain


  • Keep the area clean with a small headed toothbrush or single tufted toothbrush
  • Rinse two to three times a day with warm salt water or chlorhexidine mouthwash
  • Paracetemol/Ibuprofen regularly if required
  • Obvious facial swelling – antibiotics may be prescribed by the dentist for severe infection and swelling
  • Call us in 48-72 hours if your symptoms have not resolved
  • If  you feel unwell, are unable to open your mouth (less than two fingers) and difficulty swallowing please contact us.



  • Don’t worry – traumatic ulcers are usually sore but resolve in a week or two
  • Oral hygiene advice – brush twice a day, salt water/chlorhexidine mouthwash such as Corsodyl at a  different time to brushing
  • Local pain relief using mouthwashes or topical gels  – Paracetemol/Ibuprofen, benydamine hydrochloride mouthwash or topical anaesthetic gels such as Bonjela
  • Good oral hygiene
  • If due to rubbing dentures – try Fixodent to secure loose dentures. Any sharp or rough edges can be adjusted at home using an emery board. Leave dentures out if too sore to wear
  • Avoid aggravating factors eg spicy food
  • Avoid smoking.


  • Any non-healing and non-painful ulcer present for two weeks or more requires urgent dental with potential referral to urgent dental health centre. Please call us asap for an telephone assessment.

Jaw pain


  • Don’t worry – clenching/grinding of teeth is common in periods of stress or due to some medications
  • Soft diet for two weeks
  • Limit opening of mouth when yawning or eating – place hand under chin
  • Avoid recurrent chewing habits eg chewing gum/nail biting
  • Ibuprofen gel – rub onto skin outside of the mouth near the pain
  • Warm/cold compress over affected area
  • Massaging sore areas of face eg temples

Lost filling/crowns


  • Pain relief if required
  • Can buy temporary cement/filling kit from chemist – E.g ‘Dentanurse’
  • Soft diet
  • Avoid hot/cold foods
  • Good oral hygiene and a low sugar diet will help prevent decay in the underlying tooth
  • Soft toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste
  • If you have inhaled fragment then please contact us.
Covid-19: Karma Kommunity

Grab a ‘Cuppa’ and join us for a cosy catch up with our friends and fellow business owners from the Karma Kommunity. Offering updates, tips and solutions to common lockdown problems, our aim is to help ease some of the stresses and difficulties during this time, or simply…just to keep you smiling

Welcome to ‘A Cuppa and a Catch Up With…’

…Dr. Jasmin Taher & Dr. Karnan Nirmalathasan

Welcome to another video in our special series of ‘A Cuppa & a Catch Up With…’. This week we are talking about maintaining skincare, aesthetics and dental routine during lockdown. Dr. Jasmin, of Dr. Jasmin Aesthetic covers the common questions she has been asked by her clients and offers top tips for skincare & aesthetics. Together with Dr. Karnan Thasan, of Karma Dental, Fulham, they cover the common dental questions asked of them. Watch  this bumper edition and catch up with our previous guests in the Karma Kommuity tab below.

Dr. Jasmin Aesthetics:
Read the full blog post we wrote about Dr Jasmin, who joined us as a Karma Kard partner earlier this year. Dr. Jasmin offers 10% off her services for our patient plan members/Karma Kard holders
Featured in this video:
ZO Skincare
We have another wonderful guest joining us for next week’s episode, so keep a look out next Friday for more chatter! Please feel free to tag your busineses, projects, charities and initiatives in the comments to feature in our story posts! And nominate your Kommunity Hero via private message!
Hosted by @karmadental / @thelyricaldoctor / @life_by_ms_lewis

Welcome to ‘A Cuppa and a Catch Up With…’

…Melissa Gauge – SpareMyTime

Our second video in this special series, features Melissa Gauge, founder of SpareMyTime. Melissa has created SpareMyTime to fit around the lives of local Fulham Mum’s, to whom she offers flexible employment and, most importantly; work/life balance. SpareMyTime offer remote services for anything from PR & Marketing support, to household help and maintenance. In this video, Melissa shares her top tips on staying organised and ensuring your own work life balance while working from home.

A Cuppa & a Catch up with…Natalie from The Fulham Residents Club!


We kick off our first ‘Cuppa and a Catch Up With…’ series with the wonderful Natalie, the woman behind @thefulhamresidentsclub who was also named as our Karma Kommunity Hero of the week. We talk to Natalie about community events and activities, who is going the extra mile in our neighbourhood and how we can all get involved.
A few people we mentioned in this video, but we could have mentioned many more! Below are their instagram handles, so you can stay up to date on their activities!
Hosted by @karmadental / @thelyricaldoctor / @life_by_ms_lewis
Covid-19 - Kids Corner

Keeping up with your family routine is essential during lockdown. Particularly, your children’s oral hygiene routine should stay the same, regardless of whether their day-t0-day timetable has gone out of the window. It can be difficult to keep the kids motivated at the best of times, so we’re collating our favourite tips and motivational videos, games and activities to keep them smiling while also keeping up with their good habits!

If your child  has dental pain, please contact us.



  • Teething begins around six months and children can experience pain in the mouth during teething, which may effect their sleeping, and eating
  • Ensure your child is adequately hydrated
  • Liquid Paracetemol/Ibuprofen (sugar free), lidocaine topical gel can help relieve symptoms of pain relief and fever
  • Pureed food, cool liquids and teething aids can be helpful –  avoid pureed sweet foods eg fruit purees as can lead to decay.

Video Zone

Covid-19 - Local/Online Resources

Come back soon for more updates!

Covid-19 - Good Karma

Come back soon for more updates!

Covid-19 - Karma News!

Here is where we share the projects, updates and all other business from the Karma team during the lockdown. We have a few announcements to make already, and, who knows what we can create by the time we reopen our doors. Don’t forget to let us know if you are doing anything in the community and we will share it in the Karma   tab above.

Stay safe and stay up to date on our social media channels: Instagram  – @KarmaDental /

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