It’s time for us introduce another of our Karma Kommunity partners. Let’s find out what they are offering our patient plan members!

What is the Karma Kard?

As standard our patient plan include 10% discount on private treatments, two annual hygiene & check up appointments, plus a supplementary accident & emergency insurance cover globally for £19 per month.  Patients who join the plan will receive a Karma Kard. This includes exclusive member discounts at our local partner businesses, such as; 10% off all men/women’s hair treatments with Naz Zeneldeen or 10% off dinner with Thaiphoon Restaurant or Arthur’s Diner and we will soon be launching further partners too!

Our partners

We have been sharing details of the discounts available and where. Last time we we introduced our new friends along the street; Bon Bon Deli,  who are offering a 10% discount from your bill if you present the Karma Kard! This week we are delighted to welcome another of our wonderful partners…

…Yue Float!

The lovely Yue Float owner Tim and Karma dog, Barry relaxing together with our Karma Kard!

At this point of the week, I imagine many of us are thinking about weekend plans; relaxing with friends, recharging after a busy week, or just pausing and doing a little bit of nothing for an hour or so. We recently discovered ‘Yue Float’ nestled within the Battersea Reach retail area, and met with owner, Tim to find out more about what lies within the walls of this intriguing space.

Upon first inspection, it is nothing I expected. ‘Wow’, I believe was the word that came out! Immediately upon entering the reception area, I wanted to know more. I was given a pair of trendy Adidas sliders, which were so incredibly comfortable on my feet, and I started to wonder if I could get away with this look while at Karma, once my heels start giving me hell, around 3pm!

Next we went into the rooms. Now I won’t give too much away here, we want some things to be a discovery all of your own, but let me share the basics.


“floating provides a unique experience in today’s hectic urban lifestyle. in the quiet sanctuary of the float pod, nothing can reach you. the outside world is now non-existent”.

Nobody who enters a Yue Float pod, leaves the same! Designed to completely absorb you into relaxation, the outside stresses you came in with, literally ‘float’ away, leaving you calm, serene and in a pure state of relaxation – could this be your new Friday night ritual?


“using a totally natural form of light that we feel as heat, an infrared sauna session is great after a tough workout and can help you soothe your aches and pains. at yue float we offer a full spectrum infrared sauna experience, using near, mid and far infrared technologies”.


Infrared is used for a range of applications and can be used to resolve many health complaints from skin disorders to physical pain. Yue float changes everything we know about the sauna experience. You are in control, and can alter the intensity, lighting and music to create the perfect setting.


“whether you are new to meditation or have been practising for some time, the ajna light is a powerful tool designed for you to take your meditation to new unexplored levels. a completely individual and immersive experience, the ajna light activates the pineal gland, allowing you to see vivid colours and kaleidoscopic patterns. use for a one off experience or regularly as a tool to reset and find your balance.”

The Light room is certainly a unique experience. If there was ever a need to find peace and ‘switch off’, we recommend this treatment. When you leave after your session you may understand why they call this place ‘Yue Float’…


“relax and recharge in our zero gravity, body sensing massage chairs with their advanced mechanisms offering a range of massage techniques from kneading, rolling, tapping, gripping, knocking to shiatsu”.

Zero gravity massage chairs give you a taste of zero gravity, without paying half a million pounds to join Richard Branson up in space. At a fraction of that price you can experience the feeling of weightlessness and floating without floating. A strange, but exciting concept and one that we don’t want to give too much detail about, because that would ruin the surprise.


Relax with an Exclusive Discount!

Yue Float are generously offering 20% off all treatments for Karma Kard members and a free 15% minute taster session…but which will you choose?

For full information including pricing, contact the Yue Float team or take a look at their website.

Come back next week to find out who else is offering exclusive discounts and treats for our Karma Kard members and read below to find out how to sign up for just £19 per month (including dental benefits!).

Contacts and Location

Yue float, unit a, trafalgar house, juniper drive, london, sw18 1gy

020 3579 6100

Instagram: @yuefloat


Join The ‘Karma Kommunity’

Our patient membership plan has evolved, and the Karma Kard is just the beginning!

You will still enjoy the usual patient plan benefits, but now our members will receive a range of discounts, offers, freebies and exclusive private event invitations too.


Throughout the year, we will be holding competitions, sending out special gifts, and event invitations. This is just the beginning! Being a member is about more than just discounts at Karma and locally. We’re creating something so unique, we’re unsure as to quite where we will end up. But we guarantee there will be a lot of fun along the way.

Our membership costs £19 and includes all of the above (and soon much more, stay tuned). Just fill out a form at reception and we will arrange the rest.

Drop us an email to find out about joining and to book in your next inclusive check-up or hygiene appointment.


Keep a look out on our blog, social media or email us to subscribe to our mail outs!

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