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Teeth Whitening in Fulham

We know how busy life can get, that’s why we offer two solutions to fit in with everyone’s lifestyle. You can either opt for Enlighten Whitening in surgery or Boutique Whitening home kits which can whiten at your own leisure overnight or for an hour a day.

Enlighten Evolution Whitening

Enlighten Tooth Whitening System is our most highly recommended tooth whitening treatment and can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades, reverse years of staining, boost your confidence and give you an overall brighter, more dazzling smile.

Enlighten Evolution Whitening is the world‘s best performing teeth-whitening treatment.
We guarantee Vita shade B1 for every patient and long lasting whitening results with low sensitivity. The Enlighten whitening system includes a range of professional treatments including specialist serum to reduce sensitivity. For the best possible results, we recommend a combination of in-house and at-home treatments.

The materials used in Enlighten Whitening are completely safe however you may get some sensitivity. To prevent this from happening, Enlighten provide a revolutionary desensitising toothpaste and swabs to be used prior to starting your whitening.

Beautiful white teeth in no time at all

Two weeks after your impressions, you will receive your custom Enlighten Whitening trays. These are thin and comfortable and must be worn in bed for 14 nights. This is followed by an in-surgery, power whitening session, which takes only 40 minutes.

Results can last indefinitely with some very simple maintenance. Wearing the trays for 1 night every other month. Continuing to brush with Tooth Serum will also prolong results.

There are no restrictions on food and drinks during the whitening treatment.

Boutique Whitening

Our new premium whitening system by Boutique lets you treat your teeth in your own time. Boutique By Day, whitens your smile with only 1 hour wear time per day. Alternatively, you can choose Boutique By Night, and whiten your teeth as you sleep.

Boutique By Day – 6% Hydrogen Peroxide

The day system whitens teeth with as little as 1 hours use per day. It is designed for people who want great results with minimum wear time. It uses the highest strength formula for rapid results.

Boutique By Night – 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide

The night system whitens your teeth as you sleep, with the trays being worn overnight. It is designed for people who want great results without the inconvenience of wearing trays during the day. Our 10% CP is a milder formula for use with patients who have sensitive teeth.


Both options use pH neutral gels to protect your teeth with integrated potassium nitrate to reduce any sensitivity which may occur.

Best Dental Experience Ever!

“My experience in Karma Dental Care was the best dental experience ever! My treatments included filling, Enlighten Whitening and Crowns and I couldn’t be any happier with the job done. The whole team at Karma clinic is amazing!!! Dr Karnan is a very professional dentist, he makes sure to explain everything in details prior to my treatment including cost and plan, very friendly and paid special attention to my comments and requirements. Lindsey is a sweetheart, caring, very friendly and followed up regularly during my whole treatment. I will definitely be going back for any future treatments I might need. It’s a first class clinic and I would definitely recommend it.”

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