Did you know that stress may have an impact on your dental health? As if you needed anymore on your plate. Knowing how stress and dental health are connected may help you fight any issues that may arise.

Stress can contribute to Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is their technical expression for habitual tooth grinding and jaw clenching. For a lot of people, grinding and pruning are natural responses to frustration and stress. Teeth grinding, however, usually occurs during sleep, which means people are often unaware of the issue. Flatter tips of the tooth and a sore jaw are common symptoms of bruxism.

Stress can worsen signs of the temporomandibular joint, or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), affects their jaw joint and associated muscles utilised in moving the jaw and neck. Similar to bruxism, stress is regarded as a contributing factor in TMD, inducing jaw clenching, joint pain, headache and even clicking and popping of the jaw.

Your Own Immune System Is Weakened During Times of Anxiety

Anxiety can in fact endanger your immunity system, increasing your risk of oral diseases. Many people experience dry mouth, placing them in a higher risk of developing cavities. Others contract canker sores when stressed. Stress can even increase your odds of experiencing gum disease.

Keep Good Oral Hygiene and wellness, Even During Difficult Times

Maintaining your dental wellness routine in tip top condition, especially when you are stressed, is vital. Continue to practice good dental hygiene and you’ll shield your mouth from infection and decay. For many people, its hard to see the consequences of pressure on their bodies until something happens. That’s why it’s important to visit your dentist on a regular basis, as she or he could discover the telltale stress signs on your mouth and help you to cure any difficulties.

We Want To Make Life Easier For You

When you are under a great deal of pressure or life gets tough, their last thing you think about is your dental health. We would like to make things easier for you by helping you to avoid any dental health problems not only when you are stressed out, but all of the time! – Learning to cope with the unavoidable pressures of life in a positive manner will increase your oral and overall health.

Nevertheless, if you do feel you’re experiencing any signs of bruxism, TMD or other dental health problems, call us and make an appointment.