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Save on dentistry, local services and support independent businesses with the Karma Kard.

Choose the plan that works better for your dental & hygiene needs

There are two options when joining the Karma patient plan. Both plans come with local business discounts and 10% off private dental treatment. It even includes dental implants, braces, whitening and smile makeovers! 

In addition to the above standard plan benefits, you will also be able to enjoy discounts on services in our community. You will also receiveprivate, exclusive card holder event invitations throughout the year!

From 10% discounts at nearby restaurants & salons, to 30% off sustainable, organic prosecco – ask our reception team for a full list of who’s included and how to sign up! Upon sign up, receive your 10% discount immediately, from our extensive list of private treatment. Read all about the Karma Kard and the partners involved in our blog post here

Payment is easy to set up and  made monthly by direct debit, please request a Direct Debit Mandate form from the Karma Reception Team!

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Global Supplementary Insurance

In addition to the day-to-day benefits, global supplementary insurance is included covering you for:

  • Emergency treatment away from home
  • Emergency call out
  • Dental treatment following an accident
  • Hospital benefit
  • Mouth cancer
  • Redundancy

Keep reading below for full details of the incredible insurance supplement offered with both plans!

Welcome to the ‘Karma Kommunity’

The Small Print is so Good, we Made it Large Print!

Our patient plan pays your monthly fee when you can’t, and refunds any treatment you need out of hours or abroad

Ways you are covered

1 – Emergency treatment away from home

What is covered:

If you need emergency dental treatment during the period of insurance and you cannot reasonably access your dentist’s own emergency arrangements, we will pay the cost of your emergency treatment for selected treatments available a full list is available below:

2 – Emergency call out

What is covered

If you suffer a dental emergency during the period of insurance, and need a dentist to provide advice by telephone, call out to visit you or re-open their practice to see you, our insurance provider will pay the cost to you – full details and T&C’s below:

Call outs include:

1. a phone consultation or callout;;
2. your resulting emergency treatment for dental treatment relating to emergency

3 – Dental treatment following an accident

4– Hospital benefit

What is covered:

If you are admitted to hospital as an inpatient during the period of insurance for treatment under the care of a consultant who specialises in dental or maxillofacial surgery, we will pay for each overnight stay in hospital while your hospitalisation period necessarily continues.

5 – Mouth cancer

What is covered:

If you are first diagnosed as having mouth cancer by a dentist or licensed and qualified doctor during the period of insurance and within the United Kingdom, we will pay thefixed benefit to you as listed in the table below.

6 – Redundancy

What is covered
If you are unemployed following redundancy, we will pay:

  1. the costs of your monthly dental plan; and
  2. the costs of your dependants’ monthly dental plan;

for the period that you are unemployed and seeking employment.

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