Fahria Ali is the First Woman to Wear a Headscarf in Miss Universe GB

When Farhia Ali contacted us to begin Smilelign treatment, we had no idea that she be taking us along on such an exciting journey. During the initial conversation, we learned that she will be entering Miss Universe GB as the first contestant to wear a head scarf in the history of the competition. 

In the process of running for the title, she will also be supporting two charities to end FGM and to support and protect victims of acid attacks. But her reasons for entering go far beyond anything we could have imagined.

When she offered for us to be her sponsor in the pageant, how could we say ‘no’?


‘That’s Good Karma’

Dentistry is only a small part of what we are able to do in our community. We’ve decided that anything we do must benefit someone other than ourselves, or we won’t do it. This is a philosophy we  hope will ripple out to patients, our partner businesses and way beyond our practice walls. We believe that change begins with us and we intend to do something about that.

Supporting those in need and championing other’s achievements is integral in everything we do as a practice, (and in our lives in general). Upon meeting Farhia Ali we felt the stars had aligned, and that everything we believe in, she does too.

Farhia’s reasons for entering Miss Universe GB are far removed from the traditional perception of why a person enters a beauty pageant. She’s in it to empower women, to challenge our concept of beauty, and is taking a hands on approach to helping those who can’t help themselves.

Click below to take a look at her recent interview on ITV!

Farhia Ali – Why I’m Proud to Wear a Headscarf at Miss Universe – ITV.COM


Join us on our Journey with Fahria!

We are so proud to support her efforts, and we will be encouraging our patients and community to head to her Go Fund Me’ page in aid of ‘A Sisterhood’. A UK based organisation that seeks to empower, support and protect women worldwide.

“Annually, we support a series of international causes and charities which are focused on helping women in need. The organisation is run out of the UK, but has an international reach. We do not have paid employees but are run by a voluntary team which ensures that all the money goes directly to our chosen projects.

We see ourselves as modern age feminists with a responsibility and an ability to help our sisters across the globe”.

Follow in her footsteps…literally!

Farhia ‘s fundraiser will see her walk the length of the Victoria Line wearing high heels to raise money for her causes. You can donate directly on her page, and nothing is too small (even a few pennies can help) to help in reaching the £500 target donation.

One of Farhia’s missions is to put an end to the misery of future generations suffering from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).  You can read more about the frightening statistics in a more detailed report from the ’28 too Many’ organisation here


Farhia travels back on a regular basis to give support to local charities working to abolish this practice in Kenya. She has also began volunteering with a charity here in London to prevent acid attacks. We believe that if we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves, and be hands on – Farhia takes this to a whole new level!

You can follow her exciting and inspirational journey to Miss Universe, on her instagram profile, and of course, we will be sharing all of her achievements in our own feed too!


Her Journey so Far…

There are still a few weeks of voting left before the event takes place in Newport on Saturday 13th July. We look forward to joining Farhia and her fellow contestants on the evening. Visit the Miss Universe GB voting page to get your votes in or to find out about attending the event on 13th!


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