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The Karma Kard Launch Party – Hosted by YueFloat & Artist Shelley Sanchez

Karma Kard Launch

Since we re-launched our Patient Plan to include local business discounts, we have welcomed a whole host of local and online independent retail partners. From 10-30% off, our partners are offering these discount exclusively via the complimentary ‘Karma Kard’ our patients receive with their membership. From flowers to fashion, coffee, dinner, virtual assistance, and a whole range of other services!

Last December, long before lockdown loomed, we were joined by our partner businesses, patients, artists and musicians to celebrate our community. Something we had hoped to continue throughout 2020, bur that, unfortunately was not possible due to Covid.

Karma Loves Kommunity…and Art!

The original plan was to host a simple launch event, with some food, perhaps some music and most definitely some fun. But the idea began to evolve to showcase and celebrate, not only the wonderful people we have in our community, but also their talent!

Shortly after Kim created the initial concept for the event, she sat down with Tim, (owner of Yuefloat, the incredible hidden gem at the end of Wandsworth Bridge Road!). She had already mentioned that a core element should be a group activity (‘Hello’ organised fun!!). It just so happened that those working at YueFloat have incredible, artistic abilities.

Enter Shelley Sanchez!

Shelley has created all of the beautiful painted illustrative art work that you see on the YueFloat Instagram page. So I posed the idea to Shelley that perhaps we could create an art piece celebrating the Karma Kommunity. After weeks of working on concepts, Shelley presented her idea. The attendees would each design an element – a small and unique flower to be transferred into the painting by Shelley. Shelley had already created the painting in preparation for these elements to be added in. The piece was showcased at the event to inspire guests to take part!

On the evening of the event, Shelley presented this beautiful artwork! Drawings done that night would then be transferred into the work later on.  

Launch Night!

We were joined by 10 of our members and their guests who signed up to attend on the evening. They were greeted with music and a goodie bag containing an envelop with strict instructions to open it only when prompted. Guests enjoyed listening to the eclectic mix of music on the evening and a delicious spread which was arranged with Bon Bon Deli, another of our Karma Kard partner businesses. It was so wonderful to see patients and business owners getting to know each other, raising a glass and enjoying a boogie!


During the event, in support of YueFloat, we gave away a full Yuefloat experience for 2 people, which was won by one of our lovely patients. From massage chairs, floatation tanks and infrared sauna, both he and his wife can enjoy a relaxing day together.

Post-event, we received a visit from Artist; Shelley Sanchez with the finished artwork. We were thrilled to have commissioned this piece, which now hangs in our reception room. A lasting reminder of just how important community is; particularly in these trying times.

Our aim with the the Karma Kard is to encourage our community to shop local and to support small businesses who help to shape it. Without whom, we would not enjoy the artisanal, and unique services that bring so much warmth to our neighbourhoods. Post-lockdown, our community need to support the small enterprises on our doorstep. By using the discounts they offer you as a member of our patient plan, you are also able to enjoy their services at a preferred price!

Meet Shelley and our Karma Kommunity Painting!

Artist Shelley Sanchez presenting her painting to Kim

Following our event, Shelley put the finishing touches to the work which we have entitled ‘The Karma Kommunity’. Featuring the floral details created by patients, business owners and friends of Karma. A wonderful representation of the coming together of community and celebrating its diversity.

We would like to say thank you to Shelley Sanchez for creating this piece. Tim and the YueFloat team for being wonderful hosts and providing a unique setting for our party. Bon Bon Cafe & Deli for the delicious food, and of course, to our patients and wider community, for being part of the night!

We hope to be back with more events soon, when it is safe to do so of course!

What is the Karma Kard?

Karma Dental offers more than just Dentistry in Fulham.

 Dentistry is a passion for us, and our community is just as important. Karnan has nurtured this sense of community through the 13 years he has owned Karma. With his wife Kim, and the team working alongside him to promote excellence in patient care and experience. 

As standard our patient plan includes:

  • 10% discount on private treatments (excludes implants)
  • Two annual hygiene & check up appointments
  • Supplementary accident & emergency insurance cover globally
  • Free X-rays

The Karma Kard pays for itself!

Patients who join the plan will now receive a free Karma Kard. This includes exclusive member discounts at our local partner businesses, such as; 10% off at Mudu London, 10% off dinner with Thaiphoon Restaurant, or 20% off at Yue Float!  So with just two dinners or lunch per month, the card will pay for itself and all of the wonderful benefits too. 

Our Partners, Your Offers

Join The ‘Karma Kommunity’

Our patient membership plan has evolved! The Karma Kard is just the beginning! Keep a look out as we are about to share a VERY exciting update as well as news about our member’s only Christmas bash…more to follow very soon!

Because being a member of Karma Dental is about more than just dentistry. We wanted to creating something unique. We’re unsure as to quite where we will end up, but we guarantee there will be a lot of fun along the way!

Drop us an email to find out about joining and to book in your next inclusive check-up or hygiene appointment.

If you are a business who would like to apply to become a Karma Kard Partner, please contact Kim:  

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

I’ve been a patient of Karnan’s for years and not only is he a great dentist but he goes way above and beyond to ensure you get the best possible treatment and outcomes no matter if it’s an emergency or just routine care. He is diligent and actually cares about you and your teeth. This level of care flows through his whole team from the hygienist to the receptionists, and the space (welcoming, clean and just has a good vibe), and Karma’s most recent gift to its patients the “Karma Kard” which gives you amazing discounts in the Parsons Green area… it’s all about care, community and high standards here. Great job team!

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