We’re in our second week of our Karma Kard launch and there has been a great buzz among our patients, partners and the Karma Team! We have lots more to share with you; including new partners and much MUCH more! Keep a look out on our social media to stay in the loop with our updates! (We’re all terribly excited!)

The next Karma Kommunity partner we would like to introduce is Luke Grace. Luke has a residency in our newly refurbished loft space and offers a holistic approach to spinal concerns. Read on to learn more about his practice and what he is offering our Karma Kard members.

Luke Grace – A modern & holistic approach to spinal care…

…and overall wellbeing!

 Luke joined the Karma family in 2018 and has created a hub of activity up in our loft space, treating our local community to a holistic approach to spinal care with so much more to offer than a traditional chiropractor. If you require relief from physical symptoms including back or joint pain, headaches, low energy, digestive upset, hormonal imbalance, or holistic care to support other health care you are receiving; Luke will create a bespoke care plan to put you back on the path to wellness, with gradual adjustments and changes that are centred around you.



Reading the reviews Luke has received so far, it is clear that he encapsulates the Karma ethos. We believe that creating a memorable experience should be at the heart of our work.

Luke is kindly offering Karma Kard members 10% on care – a very generous offer, I am sure you will agree. Find out more about Luke and his work or to enquire about booking a consultation click here

In the coming months, we’re planning to expand our Karma Kommunity, alongside our partners we look forward to sharing further exciting news and plans we have in store to make the experience memorable for everyone!

Join The Karma Kommunity – be part of the story

Our patient membership plan has evolved! While you still enjoy the usual 10% discount at Karma plus 2 annual hygiene visits, 2 annual dental check ups and worldwide emergency dental cover, you also receive a range of discounts, offers, freebies and exclusive private event invitations too.


Throughout the year, we will be holding competitions, sending out special gifts, and event invitations. This is just the beginning as we develop this project further. Being a member is about more than just discounts at Karma and locally. We’re creating something so unique, we’re unsure as to quite where we will end up, but we guarantee there will be a lot of fun along the way.

It couldn’t be easier to join the Karma Kommunity! Our membership costs £19 and includes all of the above (and soon much more, stay tuned). Just fill out a form at reception and we will arrange the rest.

Drop us an email to find out about joining and to book in your next inclusive check-up or hygiene appointment.


Keep a look out on our blog, social media or email us to subscribe to our mail outs! info@karmadentalcare.co.uk

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