Last Saturday the people of Covent Garden were treated to a behind the scenes glimpse of the dressing up of the Fortitude Four boat in preparation for a glitzy night at The Connaught Rooms, which would see £77k raised in a matter of hours.

Alongside the boat, the four men arrived to meet inquisitive passers-by who looked on as the surprisingly small boat was adorned in sponsor logos. A small part of the impressive response the boys have received to their mission to raise funds for London charity West London Zone. 

…The Fortitude Four!

The Fortitude Four – watch their journey unfold with us as they bring hope and inspire the next generation!




  1. courage in pain or adversity.
    “he endured his circumstances with great fortitude”

About the Mission

The four are friends on a mission to sail across the Atlantic in 35 days to raise £250k for their chosen charity West London Zone.

They are taking on this incredible, gruelling and quite frankly, rather dangerous challenge to bring home £250k. This will contribute to the £6 million needed by the charity by 2023 to achieve their goal of improving the future prospects of 3,000 children across London.

West London Zone (WLZ) does three things:

  • After identifying those most at risk, WLZ assigns each child a Link Worker who will take on the role of “trusted adult”, making sure that each child has someone to turn to and confide in.

  • Together, the Link Worker and the child devise a tailored and long-term plan for them to access the specific help they need.

  • WLZ tracks the progress of every individual child so they can spot when they go off track. This outcomes-focus makes sure all activities in the child’s plan are as effective as possible, and that WLZ is achieving the most for all children on the programme.

The aim of the team is to change the landscape and community of our city by empowering its future adults. And changing what it means for them to grow up here. 

How they Will do It.

Mission Statement

Row across the Atlantic Ocean as fast as possible.

Raise money & awareness for our chosen charity, West London Zone.

Work with our sponsors to create meaningful partnerships that will add real value to cover costs of the challenge.

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the world’s toughest rowing race – over 3,000 miles unaided across the Atlantic Ocean.  More people have reached the summit of Everest or travelled into space than have successfully rowed an ocean.

In December 2019, Fortitude IV will depart La Gomera aiming to be the first team to reach Antigua, having navigated all of the challenges that the Atlantic Ocean can throw at us. 

Navigating the Atlantic Ocean takes skill, endurance and intensive training which has seen the team gain enough weight to counteract the inevitable weight-loss that such a mission will result in.

The Team

‘The Hercules Pillars’ – an accidental, but fitting tribute to this team of heroes ahead of their journey. 

The team have called upon the knowledge and experience from their military days, Max is a Royal Marines Commando Officer, Hugh; a former Parachute Regiment Officer and Tom; former Royal Navy Mine Clearance Diving Officer.

Ollie is the only member of the team that does not have a military background, an incredible achievement and testament to human ability. It was a great coincidence that upon meeting the men last Saturday that they boat had been positioned directly in front of the ‘Hercules Pillars’ pub, in Covent Garden. Each one of them a pillar of strength, a Hercules in their own right. 

Left to Right: Max Breet, Hugh Gillam, Tom Foley and Ollie Palmer.

The Boat

“Our boat is a Rannoch R45, the fastest ocean rowing boat in the world. She is 26ft long and weighs in at 1.4 tonnes (excluding oarsmen). There are 2 cabins (one at each end) each measuring around 6ft in length – leaving very little space for the 6ft 5in rowers in our team to catch some rest.

We have committed our savings into the purchase of the boat, with delivery in May 2019, to enable 6 months of intensive training prior to the race start.  The boat will be sold after the race, with the proceeds going directly to the West London Zone Charity”. 

Be more than just a drop in the ocean!

There are no celebrities, no PR or Marketing teams. Just four men and a lot of determination to reach their incredible goal. 

Imagine if you were responsible for helping us to reach that £250k goal? If you were to match the amount you spent on coffees or lunch this week, your donation, along with the kind contributions of others, will be more than just a ‘drop in the ocean’. We know they can do it – will you join us in helping to create a ripple?

It’s our duty to help those less fortunate and each and every penny you donate goes directly to the charity. All costs for the Fortitude Four mission are covered by the sponsors – Karma Dental are proud to be one! We will be encouraging donations within our team, patients and wider community.

Will you be one of them?

Click here for full details on the different ways you can contribute to the cause. Or read more about this wonderful adventure via the links below.

And of course, stay up to date with the mission via Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @fortitudefour

Twitter: @FortitudeIv

Join The ‘Karma Kommunity’

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