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Dental Implants

Woman with Gray Hair who is happy following Dental Bonding treatment at Karma Dental Care London

The Benefits

Dental Implants are the preferred treatment for the restoration of missing teeth.

Our Specialist, Dr. Daniel Bateman, will ensure that your implants blend naturally with your smile. Implants allow patients to live life as though they have their own teeth.

What you can expect:

Your personalised treatnent plan explains all of the options that are available to you. And what you can expect before, during and after treatment. Each patient is unique, and so, Dr. Batement will create a treatment plan tailored to your case.

How much does this treatment cost?

Consultation - £95

Implant & Crown - £2,970

Exposure - £1,595

Crown Abutment - £1,555

Bone Graft - £550

Sinus Lift - £1,500


Not all of the above elements will be required for patients. We recommend discussing your requirements with our Implant Dentist to determine your individual treament needs. A full breakdown of costs are included in your treatment plan.

Payment Options

We offer 0% finance up to 11 months and offer 105 discoutn acroos our range of services if you are a member of our patient plan.

A Typical Implant Journey


CT Scan

Treatment Day

Your options are discussed with our Implant Dentist to assess the viability of treatment. You will be provided with your full treatment plan on the same day following this session. The dentist will explain the journey to you and answer any questions.

You may be asked to visit our partner CT Scanning in Central London. his is to assist us in assessing the bone density for viable implant treatment

The implant is fitted using a local anaesthetic. Many patients express their surprise at how painless the procedure was. This is the 'abutment' screw. This will sit withing your jaw allowing your body to create bone around it to make sure it is securely in place.

Wait 3 months


Crown Fit

The implant needs around 3 months to fuse. This will make sure there is no movement in the future and you can chew and bit down normally.

The implant is 'exposed' to ensure the crown is able to be placed. You are asked to return to us in 2 weeks so that an impression or scan can be made following healing. This scan is sent to our lab and your crown is fabricated. This process is necessary to ensure that the crown fits perfectly onto the abutment/implant, and the surrounding gum.

Your new crown is fit around 2 weeks later with your regular dentist, (this gives our lab a good amount of time to create it). Following this appointment, your dentist will instruct you on how best to maintain your new tooth! 

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