This month we welcomed Luke Grace to Karma Dental Care!

Luke is a chiropractor specialising in holistic solutions. If you require relief from physical symptoms including back or joint pain, headaches, low energy, digestive upset, hormonal imbalance, or holistic care to support other health care you are receiving; Luke’s diverse, unique and integrative tool bag provides expert holistic solutions. Each session is is tailored to the individual for a truly bespoke experience.


Initial Consultation


Form and Assessment

After booking a session you are sent a short online form which takes less than 10mins to complete. Your answers are then studied before meeting you. A full heath & wellbeing history is taken, exploring your complete timeline past & present to understanding the full holistic picture of your current condition. It can be surprising to realise the interconnectedness of how your body works & becomes injured.


A detailed specialised examination is performed using a dynamic range of tests including orthopaedic, neurological, Chiro and kinesiology, gaining a vital appreciation of your spine, nervous system and body.


We appreciate you want to understand what is happening with your body, after the examination a full explanation is given of what we have found and what this means. We communicate how we can support your recovery, the timeline and progression of your unique care plan, and additional wellbeing tools you can use to speed up this journey.


With your permission we take positive action towards your recovery from day one by including a treatment on your first visit, as we appreciate easing your discomfort is a priority to you. Each and every treatment will be tailored to your unique requirements and preference. We use:

• Spinal Adjustments
• Upper Limb & Lower Limb Adjustments
• Dry Needling
• Cranial-Sacral Techniques
• Soft Tissue Organ Massage
• Reiki Techniques
• Mind-Body Techniques


After your initial consultation, there is a choice of 3 different appointments. Many clients choose just the Holistic Spinal Treatments, or they mix and match between all options. It is completely up to you.


Holistic Spinal Treatment

We focus purely on your body, specifically focusing on your spine, muscles, joints, organ tissue & nervous system.

This treatment involves:

• kinesiology assessment before & after treatment.
• spinal adjustments.
• upper & lower limb adjustments.
• soft tissue organ massage.
• cranial-sacral therapy.
• dry needling.


This is the perfect treatment if you:

• have pain your back, neck, jaw, or any other joint or muscle in your body.
• feel a lack of energy.
• feel stiff, tight, achy.
• have pain and/or inflammation in an area of your body.
• feel like your body is out of alignment/synch.


Holistic Session

We expand our focus to include your body-mind complex and your energy.

This is a completely unique session giving you a holistic re-set, physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically.


This session involves – all the techniques used in the ‘Holistic Spinal Treatment’ above and:

• body-mind therapy.
• meditative techniques including guided visualisations and breath work.
• energy techniques from Reiki.
• energy techniques from Shamanic Medicine.
• email support with transcripts of guided meditations when relevant.


This is the perfect session if you are looking to:

• create stress relief & maintain stress management in your life.
• take body-mind holistic approach to your health condition.
• find a holistic solution to chronic pain.
• expand & enhance your meditative or yoga practice.
• work with the deeper underlying cause of a body pain/ache/condition.
• understand & apply advanced energetic principles & techniques into your wellbeing & lifestyle.
• consciously accelerate your unique self-growth journey.


Advanced Holistic Session

We guide you to connect deeply with your own body & mind connection, reprogramming a part of yourself to be in alignment with how you are aiming to feel, think, act, and be, around a particular theme or area of your life.


This session involves:

• all the techniques used in the ‘Holistic Spinal Treatment’ above.
• all the techniques used in the ‘Holistic Session’ above
• a much longer time period to delve deeper with the Reiki, shamanic & body-mind tools we use.


This is the perfect session if you are looking to:

• change a recurring pattern in your life.
• change how you respond to a particular situation or person.
• understand an area of your life where you feel blocked or restricted.
• grow & enhance your meditation or yoga practice.
• understand & apply advanced energetic principles & techniques into your wellbeing & lifestyle.
• consciously accelerate your unique self-growth journey.

For pricing and to book online please visit the booking page HERE.

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