At first, it seemed like a lot of work, but we’re beginning to realise that it is actually quite easy. Reducing plastic waste and as a dental practice is our duty. We’re called Karma Dental CARE not Karma Dental DON’T CARE, right?

The team at Karma Dental are very concerned about the amount of plastic used in dental practices. From the cups we use during treatment, and those in reception, to the toothbrushes we recommend. Let’s just say, like a lot of other businesses, we are contributing to a lot of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans. It’s time to stop ignoring facts! We’re taking action against our own plastic waste and we want to encourage the Karma Kommunity to join in!

You will start to notice some changes taking place at Karma in the next few weeks and months. We are proudly stocking a range of bamboo dental products for sale in reception. We’re including special plastic-free dental kits with selected treatments to celebrate this initiative, which will be available in reception also. If you would like to purchase these items, please ask on your next visit, a full price list will be displayed.

If the idea of reducing your plastic-use is a little daunting, don’t worry! We’ve collected our top 5 tips on reducing or replacing single-use plastic items that you can begin trying straight away. Read on to see how!

1 – Don’t Forget your Toothbrush!

Your toothbrush is an important item in your oral hygiene kit! We’re definitely not recommending that you throw it away. However, you can buy bamboo toothbrushes readily and Karma will be stocking these on reception from 2nd week of May. Furthermore, hold on to your discarded brushes, we have plenty of ideas below on repurposing them.

2 – Bring Your Own Bag

Reduce the need to buy plastic bags when out shopping by purchasing a reusable one. Some of them are very compact and can fit neatly into your bag. Another great tip is to place one in each of your coat pocket, bags, in the car or at work in your desk. Plan ahead so it’s easier to remember and keep them in easy to grab places. The pictured bag, like many available, folds up into a small, neat package and it’s lightweight too.


3 – Bag Your Own Bottle/Cup


Keep cups are now common place in many households and actually look trendy. There are so many brands around and products to suit all budgets. Our favourite is this folding cup by Pliko Kit.

When fully folded it is pretty small – very convenient for carrying in a handbag and dishwasher safe. What’s more, many cafe’s offer discounts if you bring your own cup, so even more reason!

You can even buy reusable water cups too, so no need to purchase unnecessary plastic water bottles, when a reusable variety can be filled with filtered water at home and kept cool all day.



4 – Drink Responsibly

If you’re not already aware, plastic straws are among one of the most commonly found items in the ocean. (Alongside fishing net and cigarette butts – which also contain plastic). You can easily purchase reusable straws in a range of sustainable materials such as metal, bamboo and even pasta. If you can enjoy your drink without a straw, simply refuse one! For those long cocktails you may be enjoying this summer, take along your own. You can buy straws in packs so perhaps gift them to your drinking buddies, so you can all enjoy sustainable sipping together.

Many eco straw brands are available personalised, so no worries if you’re ‘sharing is caring’ philosophy doesn’t include sharing germs!

(Drink responsibly and remember to brush after sugary drinks).

5 – Repurpose Vs Recycle

A staggering amount of UK recycling is sent off to underdeveloped communities in Asia and Africa. These communities are finding innovate ways of dealing with our trash. But…they are often unable of doing so because of the sheer volume versus their limited resource. Consider how your plastic items can be repurposed, instead of throwing them away. Toothbrushes, for example are very handy for scrubbing away stubborn stains on furniture or clothing.  Pinterest boards have lots more tips for reducing your plastic or repurposing used items!


Click here to find more inspiration from our favourite ideas on Pinterest. Perhaps this could be a fun activity for your children during the summer holidays! Or a new trend with your friends next time they’re over for drinks. (We would love to see your creations! Please email us if you do make anything so we can inspire our Karma Kommunity!)

Our Plastic-Free Items

Did you enjoyed our tips ideas on reducing plastic waste? Keep a look out, we will be sharing more ideas soon and are very excited to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly at our dental practice! We will be stocking a premium range of BDA Approved oral hygiene products including biodegradable dental floss, bamboo toothbrushes/interdental brushes, toothpaste tabs and more.


Special Offer!

To celebrate the launch of this initiative, we are giving away a sustainable dental kit with selected treatments including clear braces, implants and veneers. Look good, while doing good and feel great too!

And that’s not all! One of our lucky Karma Kard members will be selected to win some plastic-free dental goodies!

For more information or to grab your free sustainable dental kit, book for your free assessment:

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