No matter how much you prepare for your holiday or special event, it can be easy to forget about dental treatment that may need taking care of before you leave. Making sure you’re prepped and ready to go is easy! We’ve gathered up our top tips and recommendation for holiday-ready teeth that you’ll feel confident to show off throughout your vacay! Dr Osi Akpene, Dentist and Hygienist at Karma Dental, shares his top 10 tips for camera-ready, vacay-ready gorgeous smiles in time for your next trip!


1. Plan Ahead

It’s easy to replace a toothbrush if you forget to pack it- we’ve all done it,  but making sure you plan any extensive treatment ahead of time will give you confidence and peace of mind, meaning that you will relax and enjoy every minute. If you’re looking to straighten, whiten or replace teeth using implants or crowns, remember that these treatments don’t happen over night but in most cases, can be completed in a matter of weeks.

Some smile makeovers require healing time and we do not recommend hopping onto a plane the day after. We can discuss your treatment thoroughly and ensure that everything has been planned so you can take your new smile away without any problems.

Speak to Dr. Karnan and the team to plan out your treatment in advance of your trip!


2. Go Prepared!

Make a list of items needed to keep up your treatment or routine. Let your dentist know if your trip is happening in the middle of your treatment and book an appointment before you leave to take care of any pain or discomfort, changes of your aligner trays, to order new whitening tubes or simply to get a pre-holiday polish from your hygienist.

3. Take Your Routine On Holiday

You’re on holiday, but don’t take a break from your routine, especially if you’re wearing aligners. It is easy to leave them behind when you’re preoccupied with sight seeing! Don’t forget your floss, toothbrush, mouthwash and any other routine devices to keep up with your treatment of oral hygiene.

4. Emergencies

If you have an emergency while you are away, try to ask your hotel or contact to put you in touch with a reliable professional. Remember, our Patient Plan will cover you world-wide, so ask for a receipt or invoice to claim back payments, as treatment can be expensive, depending where you are travelling to.

The Karma Dental plan starts at £19 per month and insure you for any dental emergency, as well as 10% off at Karma, 2 hygiene appointments, 2 check up and X-Ray’s. (You could cover that pre-holiday hygiene cleaning session!).

If you are worried about dental emergencies, do a little research before your trip to see which local dentist comes recommended! (Thank goodness for Google Reviews!)


5. Drink Plenty Every Day!

We are of course talking about drinking water! Many of you will be indulging in a few drinks while you’re away, and you should enjoy yourself, but try to stay hydrated in between for optimum oral health. And remember to brush before bed to avoid red wine or coffee stains and get rid of any sugars ingested at meal or drink times.


6. Brush on the Go!

Get a toothbrush head cover with holes to allow air circulation or a resealable bag for your toothbrush. Always keep your brush head dry as this will keep the bugs at bay. If you’re travelling with your electric toothbrush, don’t forget your charger! Take a spare manual toothbrush just in case! 


7. Totally Pasted

Several small tubes of toothpaste are a must! Most hotels will provide this, but always best to have a toothpaste you can trust. Arriving at your hotel to discover there is no toothpaste, not great! We have plenty of complimentary toothpaste samples at Karma Dental, so please feel free to ask for a couple!


8. One Lump or None?

As much as possible, regulate the amount of sugar in your diet and select more natural forms over processed sugars. Frequency of consumption is the biggest culprit for tooth decay, so less in-between snacking. Instead have your treats with your meals


9. Straws Suck, but They’re Great for Your Teeth!

Watch out for the classic exotic holiday cocktail, sparkling wine and citrus infused drinks- the acid content can soften and wear away your teeth leading to your pearly whites dulling more quickly. Using a straw may reduce some of this risk- biodegradable and reusable straws may be a handy accessory. Never brush right after any acidic drink as the softened teeth may wear down faster.


10. ‘Chews’ Wisely!

Saliva helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You may stimulate saliva flow by  nuts or crisps right after sweets- watch out for those calories though! Stock up on sugar free gum as an alternative with the added benefit of un-popping your ears on the plane. Ask us for recommendations of which brands are better for you than others.



At Karma Dental Care, we have an excellent range of service available depending on your needs.  With the holiday season coming up, book an Air Flow Polishing treatment with one of our hygienists to brighten up before you leaving your teeth feeling smooth and fresh.


Spring Offer:

Until 1st May we are including a Waterpik water flossing device with our Smilelign Treatment, for the first 10 people who book using code: ‘Spring19’. Smilelign is a clear aligner treatment and comes with free whitening as standard. Transform your smile and get your travel Waterpik for professional cleaning while you’re away!

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