Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten® Teeth Whitening in Fulham, London SW6

How can Enlighten® teeth whitening help me?

An increasingly popular treatment for restoring the sparkle to your smile, professional teeth whitening is a quick, effective and safe procedure for removing stubborn stains on the teeth that cannot be removed by brushing alone.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening at Karma Dental Care, the future of teeth whitening, is available at www.karmadentalcare.co.uk, dentist in Fulham, for people who want a predictable and durable teeth whitening procedure.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening Package by Karma Dental Care
  • Free Dental Examination (worth £35) – required prior to treatment (deducted from your Enlighten treatment cost).
  • Free Enlighten Tooth Serum – to replace your usual toothpaste whilst you are in treatment and to ensure your teeth are in an optimum state ready for the whitening process.
  • Free Evo-Seal Sensitivity Gels – to ensure your maximum comfort during treatment.
  • Ultra-comfortable custom made teeth whitening trays – to fit the unique contours of your mouth.
  • 2 weeks Take-Home Enlighten Whitening Kit- to allow your teeth to be gently whitened and the surface stains and deeper stains on your teeth to be gradually lifted.
  • 40 minute In-Surgery ‘Booster” Treatment – for the guaranteed ‘whiteness’ of your new smile.
  • Predictable, Consistent Results that can last indefinitely – with really simple maintenance.
  • No hidden costs!
What is the cost of Enlighten Tooth Whitening?

Gold Enlighten Kit (Home Kit): £450

Payment Breakdown:

  • Week 1: Appointment 1 (shade reading & impressions) = £175
  • Week 3: Appointment 2 (tray fitting & take home kit) = £275
  • Week 5: Appointment 3 (shade reading)

Platinum Enlighten Kit (Home Kit and In-Surgery Whitening): £600

Payment Breakdown:

  • Week 1: Appointment 1 (shade reading & impressions) = £175
  • Week 3: Appointment 2 (tray fitting & take home kit) =£275
  • Week 5: Appointment 3 (in-surgery professional teeth whitening & shade reading) = £150

Follow-up Tooth Whitening Maintenance Kit (lasts 2 years): £95

What is involved in your teeth whitening treatment?
  1. Impression will be taken of your upper and lower teeth so we can provide teeth whitening trays tailored to your individual mouth.
  2. Once your individual impressions have returned from the lab we will check closely to ensure an accurate fit of the trays.
  3. Your Karma dentist will then show you how to fill and wear your new Enlighten Teeth Whitening Trays.
  4. Following 2 weeks of at-home treatment, your final appointment with your whitening dentist is to check that your teeth have whitened correctly and to stabilise the shade of whitening that has been achieved.
  5. Enjoy your new brighter, whiter teeth!
  6. To maintain your whitening treatment, we recommend wearing your whitening tray one night every 4 months and utilising the Enlighten maintenance kit that lasts for 2 years.
Why we use the Enlighten Evolution 3 tooth whitening system?
  • Guaranteed shade B1 and highly reliable, uniform whitening results across your smile.
  • Convenient for our patients to use as no dietary changes are required.
  • Results in just 2 weeks from start of treatment.
  • Only system in the world that will whiten up to 16 shades easily and safely.
  • Minimal pain and sensitivity.
  • Using the Enlighten maintenance kit and your whitening trays after treatment for just one night every 4 months will retain your teeth’s shade of white.

Why should I go to a dentist for teeth whitening?

In seeing your teeth whitening dentist in Fulham, Karma Dental Care, we will be able to advise whether or not you are suitable for tooth whitening treatment and be able to answer any questions you may have. All of our dentists are regulated by The General Dental Council (GDC), so you will be confident in the knowledge that your teeth whitening treatment will be provided by a trained dental professional.


See what our patients say about Enlighten Teeth Whitening...

” Thought I’d let you know about my progress so far with Enlighten Evolution 3, now that I’m a week into the course of treatment and halfway through it. The first thing to say is that my teeth have never looked better. There was a dramatic difference even after my first application of Enlighten Evolution 3. I’d assumed that it would take a few days to see any real changes, but on just the first morning after using it I was stunned by how much whiter my teeth seemed already. Things continued to improve over the subsequent days. It’s been great going to bed every night knowing that my teeth will seem whiter the next morning. There was quite a bit of brown staining on my canine teeth and my back teeth, which has now cleared up significantly – it’s practically gone, in fact. There is also a brown stain on one of my front teeth which has improved to a lesser extent but is hopefully also on the way out. The trays fit perfectly. No problem sleeping with them, bar occasionally waking up for a few seconds during the night wondering what this strange object in my mouth is (and then going straight back to sleep). As for sensitivity, I have been experiencing (both during the bleaching process and throughout the following day) the occasional and very mild flash of discomfort, as well as the odd twinge of pain (which vanishes immediately), but nothing I can’t handle. It’s barely worth mentioning. I have been using the desensitising swabs every day after brushing my teeth before bed and just prior to using the bleaching gel. I’m delighted with Enlighten Evolution 3. It’s extremely user-friendly and the results are great.” Mr Joyce

“The team at Karma Dental Care Wandsworth Bridge Road is amazing. They are kind and caring (and funny), it’s more like visiting with friends than going to the dentist. When Lyndsay says she’ll get back to you, she does and promptly and she always goes out of her way to accommodate patients’ needs. Karnan and Dan are very gentle and excellent in their respective fields of dentistry. It was a pleasure to be a patient at the surgery and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

Sue D


“I cant recommend Karma Dental highly enough. the quality of care and attention is exceptional. Karnan is an excellent dentist, He is patient and thoughtful and listened to any specific requests or concerns I have had. Lyndsay goes out of her way to provide first class care. I would recommend Karma to nervous patients and anyone looking to upgrade their existing dental care! “

 Felicia A

“Karma Dental Care have always provided me with a first class service. The staff are incredibly welcoming and make you feel at ease the moment you walk in the door. My dentist Karnan has a very professional approach to his work and has never disappointed. He is clear about the procedure he’s about to partake and the finish is always of the utmost quality. I would highly recommend him as a dentist and Karma Dental Care as a practice. Since I arrived in London I have never looked elsewhere, even though I don’t live in the Fulham area anymore, I still trek across London to use them!”

 Hugh M

“Excellent Dentist. I have a fear of dentists and travel from Birmingham to London to see Karnan (principal dentist). I have done this for the past three years and will never change.  Lyn (receptionist and dental nurse) is also fantastic.”

 Mellisa W

“Karma Dental Care is aptly named, as the quiet and luxuriously furnished waiting room will create a feeling of calm in even the most nervous of patients, who will be further soothed by the friendly manner of the dentists and staff. Like most people, I’ve been through my share of dentists, but have never been to a surgery with such a welcoming atmosphere, nor had work of such high quality done for such reasonable prices.”

Henry J


“I don’t go to the dentist very often as I think I have pretty good teeth! This practice was recommended by a friend… it was relaxed and friendly and my check up was very thorough, felt i got good value for money. Since then had my teeth whitened, very happy with the results, teeth are still white! would recommend Karma, especially if you don’t like going to the dentist.”

 Suruchi S

“Been to this dentist for my regular checkups and some filling work due to my bad teeth. Top class service comes highly recommended.”

James B


“Karnan and his staff do an extremely good job; Professional, smart, great results, cost-effective, and genuinely care about patients.

I felt that this case justified my taking time to let people know that there was a very good dentist available in the vicinity of Fulham.

If you’re a rugby player that has been literally kicked in the teeth one too many times, or if you’re suffering with a mild tooth ache, Karnan’s pleasant demeanor and sense of humor will ease your pain.”

Andrew W

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The hot new system is Evolution3 from enlightensmiles.com. It gives everyone B1 (the brightest natural shade) with only one dentist visit and minimal sensitivity. Plus there’s no two-tone effect, as the trays whiten the teeth evenly. Glamour

Get a Hollywood smile in your lunch hour with Enlighten. It will brighten your teeth up to ten shades and lasts up to five years.. Daily Mail - Tom Cruise

The safe painless and non invasive treatment it leaves you with a dazzling smile that’ll takes years off you. Daily Mail

New Enlighten Smiles Nano-repair Whitening Serum is specially formulated to smooth and brighten your teeth in a matter of weeks. The serum maintains results whilst repairing enamel on a microscopic level. Mums Arcade

How do I make a tooth whitening appointment?

If you have any further questions, or would like to book a tooth whitening appointment, please call our friendly reception team on 020 7736 0876 or complete or appointment request form.

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