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Ageing Skin

As we age the skin loses collagen and elasticity. Due to this, dynamic lines formed in the skin can become permanent. This is commonly seen when we frown and form ‘11’s line between our eyebrows. These lines become more established and engrained in our skin over time. The 3 main problem areas treated are the crow’s feet around the eyes, the frown lines between the eyebrows- the glabella region and the lines in the forehead.

Treatment with Botox™

Using very precise knowledge of the facial anatomy and customising each treatment to the individual patient we can get amazing results. The aim is the prevent lines establishing, soften wrinkles, and to make sure the patient looks as natural as possible. If started early enough we can prevent new lines forming. The procedure uses extremely tiny needles to inject the product. Many patients find it a very painless experience. There is an option of having anesthetic cream placed before if you request. Treatments last between 3-6 months.

What do we use?

For anti- wrinkle injections use purified protein Botulinum Type A. This product relaxes the underlying muscle temporarily. The product commonly used is Botox™.

The Results

Natural smooth skin, where lines have been reduced. Some lines can disappear completely and new lines stopped from forming completely. Patients should also see this, as a preventable treatment where after repeated treatments 4-6 months apart, skin should have rested and recovered from repeated contraction of underlying muscle.


Each patient will get a free 30-minute consultation where skin will be assessed, photographs taken for records and complete facial aesthetics pro forma. Each treatment will be followed by a 2-week review and top up if required.


1 area-   £250

2 areas- £300

3 areas- £400

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“The team at Karma Dental Care Wandsworth Bridge Road is amazing. They are kind and caring (and funny), it’s more like visiting with friends than going to the dentist. When Lyndsay says she’ll get back to you, she does and promptly and she always goes out of her way to accommodate patients’ needs. Karnan and Dan are very gentle and excellent in their respective fields of dentistry. It was a pleasure to be a patient at the surgery and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

Sue D


“I cant recommend Karma Dental highly enough. the quality of care and attention is exceptional. Karnan is an excellent dentist, He is patient and thoughtful and listened to any specific requests or concerns I have had. Lyndsay goes out of her way to provide first class care. I would recommend Karma to nervous patients and anyone looking to upgrade their existing dental care! “

 Felicia A

“Karma Dental Care have always provided me with a first class service. The staff are incredibly welcoming and make you feel at ease the moment you walk in the door. My dentist Karnan has a very professional approach to his work and has never disappointed. He is clear about the procedure he’s about to partake and the finish is always of the utmost quality. I would highly recommend him as a dentist and Karma Dental Care as a practice. Since I arrived in London I have never looked elsewhere, even though I don’t live in the Fulham area anymore, I still trek across London to use them!”

 Hugh M

“Excellent Dentist. I have a fear of dentists and travel from Birmingham to London to see Karnan (principal dentist). I have done this for the past three years and will never change.  Lyn (receptionist and dental nurse) is also fantastic.”

 Mellisa W

“Karma Dental Care is aptly named, as the quiet and luxuriously furnished waiting room will create a feeling of calm in even the most nervous of patients, who will be further soothed by the friendly manner of the dentists and staff. Like most people, I’ve been through my share of dentists, but have never been to a surgery with such a welcoming atmosphere, nor had work of such high quality done for such reasonable prices.”

Henry J


“I don’t go to the dentist very often as I think I have pretty good teeth! This practice was recommended by a friend… it was relaxed and friendly and my check up was very thorough, felt i got good value for money. Since then had my teeth whitened, very happy with the results, teeth are still white! would recommend Karma, especially if you don’t like going to the dentist.”

 Suruchi S

“Been to this dentist for my regular checkups and some filling work due to my bad teeth. Top class service comes highly recommended.”

James B


“Karnan and his staff do an extremely good job; Professional, smart, great results, cost-effective, and genuinely care about patients. I felt that this case justified my taking time to let people know that there was a very good dentist available in the vicinity of Fulham. If you’re a rugby player that has been literally kicked in the teeth one too many times, or if you’re suffering with a mild tooth ache, Karnan’s pleasant demeanor and sense of humor will ease your pain.”

Andrew W

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